MOT Kielipalvelu®

Professional language tools for translation pros!

For us at Kielikone, professional translation stands for reliability and superior quality. The same qualities which we focus on when building our language tools.

MOT Kielipalvelu® offers versatile tools for professional use: high-quality dictionaries, data secure machine translations, and always useful proofreading.

Why MOT Kielipalvelu®?

Find the translations you are looking for quickly with the help of our smart search functionalities and the My Dictionary Group feature.

If you need vocabulary from a specific field, we've got you covered. Many of our specialist dictionaries are not available elsewhere online.

We are constantly developing the service: we complement it with new languages and dictionaries regularly.

High data security: dictionary searches, machine translations or proofread texts are not saved or connected to the user in any way.

Bring your own words: add your own glossaries to MOT Kielipalvelu® and use them both in dictionary searches and in machine translations (add-on).

Easy to use on any device. Our offline application is available as an add-on.

We help tens of thousands of users and hundreds of companies daily. Our business customers range from large corporations to individual entrepreneurs. See our references.

What does MOT Kielipalvelu® contain?

MOT Sanakirjat® includes a comprehensive selection of general language and specialist dictionaries. The specialist fields include, for example, medicine, technology, commerce, economics, and law. You also have access to dictionaries by Oxford University Press, Nationalencyclopedin, Duden, Le Robert, The Institute for the Languages of Finland, and SFS Finnish Standards. The dictionaries feature plenty of valuable information on usage and grammar.

MOT Kääntäjä® is a modern machine translator of high quality. Unlike many free machine translators, MOT Kääntäjä® offers a very high level of data security. The translated texts are not used to train the translator in any phase of the translating process; in fact the texts are deleted as soon as the translation has been produced. You have a choice of 71 languages.

MOT Kielentarkistin® is a highly developed proofing tool which helps – and even guides – the user to produce a more polished text. In addition to typos, MOT Kielentarkistin® also finds grammatical errors and provides clear suggestions to correct the problems it has identified. Supported languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, German and French.

Create your own glossaries to supplement the dictionaries in the service and use them in dictionary look-ups and in translations (when translating the following language pairs: Finnish ⇄ English, Finnish ⇄ Swedish, English ⇄ Swedish).

Use MOT Sanakirjat® on your Windows computer without an Internet connection. The app needs to go online every 30 days.

Let's get started!

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